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Facial Treatments Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Ideal for Acne Prone Skin

Double cleansing with steam, skin analysis, exfoliation, painless extractions for blackheads/whiteheads, toning massage, and sulfur masque (destroys acne causing bacteria preventing future breakouts) . Soothes inflammation and stimulates healing. A great facial to achieve and maintain clear skin.


Ideal for Luminous Glow

Double cleansing with steam, exfoliation , toning massage and brightening masque . Improves dullness, texture and tone restoring skin radiance. Helps with enlarged pores, smoothing fine lines resulting in brighter, smoother and luminous complexion. 


Ideal for Dry Skin

Double cleansing with steam, exfoliation, toning massage, and hydrating masque. Targets dry dehydrated skin. Infuses aloe and hyaluronic acid into skin. Treatment results in leaving skin soft and healthy.


Ideal for all Skin Types

Our “Black Tie” Facial is designed specifically for male skin, which  is usually thicker, oilier and warmer than female skin. We use products that absorb more readily into the skin, but also take its oily nature into consideration. Shaving is a common cause of irritation and because most men shave their facial hair frequently, exfoliation is key, as dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface can just perpetuate irritation. We provide deep exfoliation for a more intense cleanse. This facial also targets the neck, chin and jawline as those are the regions that see the most stress from shaving.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment (30 MINS) $75

Ideal for all Skin Types

Hands are one of the first places where the telltale signs of aging and sun damage can be seen. Many often unknowingly neglect their very visible hands. Our hand rejuvenation includes a double cleansing with steam, exfoliation , hand massage and rejuvenation masque . Improves dullness, texture and tone restoring hands to radiance. 

MED SPA PEEL              

ZO 3-STEP PEEL (30 MINS) $300

Ideal for aging skin/melasma

Uses a medical grade chemical peel to achieve healthy skin and reduce symptoms of photoaging such as blemishes, melasma, fine lines, irregular texture, lacklustre skin, acne and dilated pores.