Stretch Mark Removal

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stretch mark removal rancho cucamonga

Stretch marks are a type of scar tissue that results from rapid changes in body weight. Stretch mark treatments can help reduce these marks and greatly improve skin tone and texture.

It’s Not a Stretch to Aim for a Smooth, Even Complexion

Stretch marks (Striae distensae) occur when people rapidly gain weight. Although stretch marks rarely pose a medical danger, they can negatively affect self-confidence and quality of life.[1]

Stretch marks appear when underlying tissue grows faster than the skin can keep up with. The cause of stretch marks can vary from growth spurts, to putting on fat or muscle or from events such as pregnancy or side-effects from medication. 

Laser treatments with the Icon Aesthetic System can activate new skin cell production and heal stretch marks from the inside out. By addressing the problem at its roots, Icon laser treatments diminish stretch marks and offer a significant improvement in skin tone and texture. If you’re tired of struggling to remove stretch marks with insufficient topical remedies, contact Channell Wellness & Aesthetics and we can help you reduce these irregular scars. You can reach our Rancho Cucamonga office at 909-483-1236

About Stretch Mark Treatments in Rancho Cucamonga

Our skin is elastic but has its limits. Like a rubber band, we can stretch our skin but eventually, it will tear when stretched too far. Superficial skin care products cannot keep stretch marks from appearing. These topical treatments don’t work well because they only affect the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). Stretch marks reside in the medium layer of skin (dermis). Topical products simply don’t penetrate deep enough to address the underlying cause of stretch marks. To dramatically reduce stretch marks, a treatment must affect the deeper skin layers. 

stretch mark removal rancho cucamonga

To understand how stretch marks form and why some treatments are ineffective, it’s important to understand how our skin works. The fibers—collagen and elastin—are the building blocks that form the underlying support structure of our skin, called the extracellular matrix. When placed under pressure from expanding tissue, our bodies produce increased amounts of cortisone. This increase of cortisone interferes with the collagen and elastin production necessary to maintain taut, elastic skin. 

To improve stretch marks, a treatment must stimulate elastin and collagen production and fibroblastic activity as well as increase skin elasticity and skin hydration.[2]

How Does Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Work?

The Icon’s laser light microbeams extend deep below the surface of the skin to heal stretch marks. The laser energy creates areas of affected tissues that trigger the body to activate new collagen and elastin production. This process rebuilds the extracellular matrix below the surface of the skin. As a result, stretch marks begin to fill in and disappear without harming the surrounding skin. Icon laser stretch mark treatments are safe for all skin types.

Benefits of the Icon Laser Treatment

  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Help maintain healthy skin
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Regain self-confidence
  • Quick and easy sessions
  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Very low chance of side-effects
  • Safe for all skin types

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Treatment?

Good candidates are anyone in good health that maintains stable body weight and has stretch marks they want to reduce. It’s important to be at or near your ideal body weight before undergoing stretch mark removal. Stretch marks are related to weight gain and weight loss. If you intend to lose a significant amount of weight or your weight currently fluctuates for whatever reason, it’s best to postpone treatments. The optimal time for treatments are after you reach your desired body weight. Ideal candidates should be non-smokers. Smoking wreaks havoc on your skin and ages it prematurely. If you want to rejuvenate your skin, smoking works counter to your goals. 

Your Personal Consultation in San Bernardino County

Channell Wellness & Aesthetics focuses on helping patients achieve long-lasting improvements in wellness and aesthetics. The most important step to start rejuvenating your skin and improving your self-esteem is scheduling your initial consultation. During your consultation, Channell Wellness will review your medical history, listen to your goals for treatments, and conduct a preliminary examination of your skin. After that, we will devise a treatment plan and discuss what kind of results you can expect.

If you’re ready to reduce those streaks, get in touch with Channel Wellness and Aesthetics, our helpful staff is waiting to hear from you. You can book a consultation online or call our Rancho Cucamonga office at 909-483-1236.


Because stretch marks are a skin condition, it’s important to take care of your skin when preparing for laser stretch mark treatments. Avoid sunbathing and tanning salons for at least two weeks before your procedure. It’s also important to avoid anything else that might irritate your skin in the two weeks before treatment such as chemical peels and waxing. If you use any other topical products on your skin, from exfoliating creams to perfume, check with Channell Wellness during your consultation to ensure those products are safe to use.

What to Expect During Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Reducing the appearance of stretch marks is fast, with most treatment sessions lasting about 30 minutes. Three to five sessions are generally recommended to achieve the best results. During the procedure, you may experience some slight discomfort when the laser is applied, but an anesthetic is not usually required. Laser stretch mark treatments have few side effects which usually include some temporary swelling and redness. Most people can resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

What to Expect After the Procedure

stretch mark removal rancho cucamonga

After your laser session, the treated area will be sensitive and you may experience swelling redness and mild bruising. Apply an approved moisturizing lotion to the treatment area on a regular basis. Avoid using makeup or other products on the treated area until all swelling, redness, and bruising has dissipated.


Laser treatments have shown clinical improvements in skin elasticity and skin thickness with increased collagen and elastin production.[3] In one study into the effectiveness of laser treatments, all patients showed between 51% and 75% improvement in the size and severity of stretch marks after three treatments. For a preview of the quality of care you can expect from Channell Wellness and Aesthetics, feel free to browse our reviews.

Complementary Procedures 

stretch mark removal rancho cucamonga

Stretch marks aren’t the only condition that laser treatments can improve. Channell Wellness can employ the latest in laser and light technology to treat a variety of conditions. 

Laser Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hairs in a certain area, we can use Cynosure’s Icon laser to heat the hair follicles and prevent unwanted hair growth without damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser hair removal can safely and effectively achieve the smooth skin you desire. 

Laser Vein Treatments

If you have varicose or spider veins that you’d like to remove, our laser vein treatments can target the undesirable veins and direct the laser energy at the blood vessels you want to remove without affecting the surrounding tissue. This procedure will disintegrate the veins and restore an even complexion to your legs.

Scar Removal

Stretch marks are just one type of scarring that laser treatments can benefit. The Icon fractional laser can be used to repair scarred skin from a variety of causes. Whether you have a fresh scar or one from years ago, laser scar removal can help you restore your sheen and feel confident wearing your birthday suit.

How Much Do Laser Treatments Cost in San Bernardino?

Laser treatments depend on each patient’s unique anatomy and circumstances. Some patients might only require one or two quick sessions to achieve the desired outcome while others might need multiple sessions of a longer duration. After your consultation, Channell Wellness will provide you with transparent pricing for your treatment plan. 


How many sessions are required to remove stretch marks?

It will vary from patient to patient. Ultimately it depends on the severity and size of the stretch marks. On average, three to five sessions are usually needed but some patients might be satisfied with just one session while others might require a half-dozen or more.

How far apart are treatment sessions scheduled?

Usually, treatments are between 3-5 weeks apart. This timeframe tends to be optimal for most patients.

Do stretch marks disappear when you lose weight?

Losing weight actually causes stretch marks to appear if the weight loss is sudden. To avoid stretch marks, losing weight gradually can limit the appearance of stretch marks. 

Is laser stretch mark removal painful?

Despite what you might think from watching sci-fi movies, aesthetic lasers will not vaporize you! Laser stretch mark removal is a gentle treatment that results in only mild discomfort.


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