Women’s Quiz

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Is Hormone Therapy for Me?

    1) "I’m depressed and losing interest in life for seemingly no reason?"

    2) “I can’t remember where I put my car keys!!” Has your short-term memory started to fail you?

    3) "I feel like I’m in a fog!” Have you lost your ability to think straight or are you in a brain fog?

    4) I used to like sex, now I can “take it or leave it.” Does that make you sad?

    5) “I’m so tired all the time, I just can’t sleep.”

    6) My friends and family are telling me that I’m irritable and that my mood changes in strange ways.

    7) No matter what I do, how much I exercise or how little I eat, I just keep gaining weight.

    8) Oh, the pain!! I don’t like sex anymore because of the vaginal dryness.

    9) When I can fall asleep, I wake up with terrible night sweats.

    10) Oh, the hot flashes! They come on and are very embarrassing at times.

    11) I’m cold all the time. The air conditioning is set too WAY high.

    12) How many miscarriages have you had?

    13) I am so embarrassed by this facial hair and acne.

    14) My monthly cycles are miserable!

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